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"Desire the Right"

Falkland Islands Genealogy

Welcome to my site for Falkland Islands Genealogy!

This page is under construction.

I hope it will be a place to help anyone with genealogical links to the islands - the place of my birth and my soul. I am passionate about the people, our history and culture. In the meantime, I am happy to hear from anyone - comments, ideas, thoughts and information all welcome. See my contact information at the bottom of this page.

Site Contents

Miscellaneous Old Graves in Falklands

Other Falkland sites to visit

The Falkland Island News Network
Associated with the "Teaberry Express" - Falkland Island news publication.
Friends of the Falkland Islands
A place to post & see messages - find old FI friends and relatives
The Falkland Islands Government Home Page
Information about the Islands, history, future, the people, culture....
Falkland Island Tourism Board
A host of information and photo's
Kenny Wilson's Falklands Page
Read about Kenny's experiences working in the Falklands & how he came to love the place after all:-)
Showcase - Falkland Islands
Lots of pics, penguins, people, and info
Mark Griffin's Photographs from the Falkland islands
Photos and text from a serviceman who was in the Islands
Treadlightly - tourist information
17 reasons to visit the falkland Islands + more...
A directory of contacts in the Falklands (follow link at bottom of Mercopress site for more)
Falkland-Malvinas Discussion Forum
Discuss the (often political) issues concerning the Falklands
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