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Miscellaneous Graves in the Falklands

These are details of various old graves scattered around the Falklands. I have no other information relating to the graves, except what is shown below.

Grave of A.D. BROCKWAY; off the barge "Echo"; 
Accidentally shot while hunting wild foxes during 1849*.
Grave sited at Christmas Harbour in the ice of Gun Rock Hill.

Grave of Charles March SUPPLE; an old Irish Seaman; 
Died 15 Oct 1880, aged 70 years;
Grave sited on Great Island in Falkland Sound, 
near the old settlement which is now a heap of brick ruins.  There is also reference (Falkland Island Journal 1973) to a settler named Supple, who in 
April 1846,  enrolled as a Police constable in Stanley.

Graves of 5 men off English Navy Ships: 
Sited on southern slopes of Mt Egmont on Saunders Island, 
(The site of the first English Settlement in 1765):
  • Thos. HARMWOOD : died 20 Jul 1766; off HMS Jason
  • John COULSON : died 29 Nov 1766; off HMS Jason
  • Andrew ENNIS : died 26 Dec 1766; off HMS Jason
  • Robert DYER : died 15 Apr 1769; off HMS Favourite
  • Pte. Wm. STEADFELL(RM) : died abt 1769-1770; off HMS Favourite or Swift *Note: The foxes which BROCKWAY was hunting would be the Warrahs; now extinct, the last being shot in 1876.

    This site has more information on The Warrah

  • Two Photos of the gravesite of Charles March Supple

    Kindly provided by C. Harris, taken 1997.


    The ground covering plant is "Diddle-Dee" - prolific in the Islands; bane of farmers but the small red berries make a unique and delicious jam!


    The ending of the surname Supple can just be made out.